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Mechanisms of Masculinity



Explore what it really means to be "woke" and experience the transformational benefits of injecting Presence into everything you do.


Explore the gifts of consciousness through the technology of Tantra as you unlock your primal force and develop mastery of your energies.


Learn how to use your relationships and conscious sexual union as powerful doorways to deep growth and spiritual realization.


Discover how to upgrade your systems so you can become the super-human masculine machine that you were ultimately designed to be.




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Man Practicing Tantra Yoga



You'll begin by experiencing the very thing that is most masculine, which is to become aware of being aware. It is the discovery of who you really are. From this foundation you will be able to clearly identify the patterns which have severed you from the power and depth of your purest Self. Empowered with new insight and direction, you will continue with the ultimate restoration and rebuild of your entire life.

  • Discover the unshakable core of Consciousness that is the seat of your most authentic masculine Self.
  • Become aware of and begin to address the long lasting effects of attachment, relational & sexual trauma.
  • Begin to reverse the detrimental conditioning of the porn-saturated body and mind.
  • Develop a whole new attitude and awareness of your relational-sexual Self, and the relational-sexual Self of your partners.
  • Gain new insight into the nature of the Self with direct-to-the-source techniques from the Tantras.
Qi Gong for Men


You will be provided with a clear blueprint to build a foundation for energetic mastery. These are the practices that begin before we even meet another on the fields of love and play, and continue long after we have merged together in Conscious Partnership.

  • Discover the essential nature and value of regular nervous system discharges and energetic grounding.
  • Learn effective techniques to structurally de-armour the tightness in your body that is disrupting the free flow of your primal sexual energy.
  • Experience the powerful benefits that come from the practice of our unique Breath-work formula.
  • Develop true energetic mastery as you learn to charge your system with the electricity of your own life-force.
Man Practicing Tantra Yoga


I know this is the part you've been waiting for! And, while sex is one of the most enjoyable parts of being human, it pales in comparison to the orgasmic joy of remembering your ultimate masculine nature.

In this module, you'll begin applying all that sensitivity and awareness you developed in the first two modules to your sexual energy. Finally you can show up with a sense of solid confidence, knowing your Presence and being free of the anxiety that has come as the result of your past.

  • Go beyond ejaculation-retention tips & tricks that most programs offer to become FREELY (multi) orgasmic.
  • Resolve time-built-tension and sexual anxiety to become free of common dysfunctions, like erectile difficulties and premature ejaculation.
  • Learn the subtle secrets to cultivating, directing, and moving powerful sexual energy for maximum pleasure, health + vitality.
Qi Gong for Men


Your relationship can be a powerful catalyst for joy, pleasure and spiritual realization--AND it can also be the most challenging part of your life! Most of us simply lack the understanding of the universal dynamics at play within ourselves and our relationship. Then, rather than healing and growing, we end up hurt, frustrated, and resentful. Often we end up moving further and further away from what we really want. Men are generally NOT getting the sex they think they want, and I'm going to teach you why....

  • Experience a meditation practice to open the door into empathy for the collective feminine sexual trauma.
  • Become more aware of your attachment wounds and begin addressing the toxic behavioural patterns that are BLOCKING your connections with others.
  • Gain a clear understanding of Masculine and Feminine polarity, and how to use it to create fire in the bedroom and function in the family room.
  • Become clearer about what most woman actually want. (It's probably not what you think. Why didn't we learn this in school?)


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  • A complete guide to deep personal growth
  • Life-changing practices starting in the first week
  • Freedom from your old patterns
  • Sexual confidence and mastery of the Self
  • Live Q&A's to support your growth
  • Hours of videos and articles to guide you
  • Lifetime access--retake the course each year to continue upgrading your system
  • Flexible payment plans available


The virtual course is comprised of 4 modules worth of:

→ In-depth video training lessons

→ Guided meditations

→ Exclusive articles

→ Private email support

→ Ask a Tantric Woman session

→ Bonus materials

→ LIVE weekly practice sessions with Q&A's


Weekly LIVE Video Sessions Schedule 

Each week, in addition to the learning materials found in the course, you'll participate in a LIVE 2-hour practice session.

These sessions include exercises to support your growth, plus you'll have an opportunity ask questions and listen in as Aaron answers the questions of other men like you.

Every Saturday, choose from two separate LIVE sessions at either 8am or 6pm PST.

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All LIVE sessions will be recorded and available afterwards to stream on demand.



February 27

LIVE 1-Hour Introduction @ 8am or 6pm PST

March 6

LIVE 2-Hour Session and Q&A @ 8am or 6pm PST

March 13

LIVE 2-Hour Session and Q&A @ 8am or 6pm PST

March 20

LIVE 2-Hour Session and Q&A @ 8am or 6pm PST

March 27

LIVE 2-Hour Wrap-Up Session and Exclusive Q&A:
Ask a Tantric Woman @ 8am or 6pm PST



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Aaron Patrick


(Tantric + Somatic Technologist)

I've been refining this masculine system for over 15 years. When I started teaching men like you, I realized that this system can work for any of us: married or single, gay or straight, young or old.

I began my journey with a keen interest in the profoundly spiritual potential of human relationship and  through the study and application of the yogic and tantric sciences.

Once I realized this was my passion, I discovered I was a natural teacher and I received an awakening that re-activated my mission to be a vessel for healing, I vowed to never stop travelling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole to learn as much as possible.

For the last 16 years, I've continued to (obsessively) study, practice, apply and teach the science of Tantra + Yoga, the internal martial art of QiGong, and the art of Conscious Partnership.

What I discovered will blow you away! It turns out that sex and relationships don't work that way we might think.

It took me 15 years, a few great teachers (and some not-so-great), and plenty of major life fails, plus serious trauma and recovery, but I've finally perfected these Mechanisms of Masculinity and I want to share my expertise with you. 



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