Beyond the conditioning, the trauma, and other people's ideas of what you should be.


If you’re like most men, 

you either feel like a loser with no purpose or direction …

or like you’re just following the shitty life path someone else laid out for you.

One moment you’re tense, and the next you’re exhausted.

Your relationships are disappointing …

or you can’t even find a decent partner.

To top it off, you either hate yourself, 

or you have intense anger and blame towards whoever made you this way. 

No matter what you do, it’s never enough.

You feel powerless to change. You feel hopeless that change is possible.

Change … Even the word is daunting as fuck.

But you are so DONE with living this way ... 

Imagine a life that just feels easy.

You want a life where you attract healthy relationships that actually work out, instead of creating stress or ending in pain.

You’re ready to get rid of those repetitive thoughts and behaviors that have created misery for decades, and create new habits to align with the life you want.

It’s time for you to have such a solid foundation that you feel unshakable no matter what life throws at you.

What if you could rebuild your life from the foundation up, based on who you truly are and what you actually want?

… and no, you don’t have to quit your job, move to Indonesia, or divorce your wife.

This upgrade is available to you, right here and now, in your current situation.

You have a bottomless source of untapped power within you that, once unlocked, will correct your Masculine Misalignment and lead you to becoming a Master of Self.

The Tantric Man:

Mechanisms of Masculinity

is the complete guide

to Upgrading your System.

Don’t spend another moment sitting around, waiting for a lucky break (which isn’t going to happen).

Don’t assume that something outside of you is going to fix your life.

YOU can unlock your own freedom and ease simply by following this path. 

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man practicing Tantric meditation on a mountain top


Explore what it really means to be "woke" through experiencing the transformational effects of
residing peacefully in your pure Consciousness-nature.

a man with sexual presence and power after taking the Tantra for men online course


Unlock your primal force and develop mastery of your energies by using Tantric + Somatic technologies to achieve a deepened understanding of the sexual self.

couple sitting in the Tantric position named Yab Yum


Learn how your intimate relationships and conscious sexual union can be powerful doorways to deep growth and Self-realization.


I’m 52 now, and I’ve never had a more satisfying sex life.

Before my first round of this course, I mostly avoided sex with my wife unless we had both had a few drinks. I relied on watching porn for my own excitement. My routine was always the same, and I actually thought that was enough for me.

Halfway through the course, I was already blown away by how much pleasure I’d been missing out on for my whole life.

By the end, I felt like a teenager again. Not to say that I was constantly looking for sex. Not at all. It’s just that I was having fun again. Like my world had opened up and sex was a relaxed exploration instead of a tension-filled duty. Oh, and my wife is pretty happy too. 

Bill P.

The first module really blew my mind! There was so much in just that week.

The 'Who is the Tantric Man' meditation—I could have just used that every day for the full 4 weeks.

Andrew L.

The 12-Week Tantra Online Course

for a Total System Upgrade.

You are a masculine machine, but your mechanisms were damaged early in life. You were never given the tools or the technology to heal, upgrade your system, and make it more powerful.

Learn Tantric and Somatic techniques and practices to take with you for life.

Watch the video below:


The Tantric Man online course is the complete guide to upgrading the 6 Core Areas of your system.

Aaron Patrick - Tantric Yoga Teacher, Somatic Therapist, Relationship & Intimacy Coach


[Tantric Yoga + Somatic Technologist, Relationship + Intimacy Coach]

I've been refining this masculine system for over 17 years. When I started practicing, teaching & coaching men just  like me. I realized that this system can work for any of us: married or single, gay, straight or other. Young or old.

I began my own journey with a keen interest in the profoundly spiritual potential of human relationship and through the study and application of the Tantric and Yogic sciences.

After much obsessive practice and the discovery that teaching, for me, was akin to breathing, I received a grace-bestowed transmission (Śaktipāta) that reactivated my yogic mission to act as a vessel for teaching and a support for healing.

For the last 16 years, I've continued to (obsessively) study, practice, apply and teach the science of Tantric Yoga, somatic technologies, the internal martial art of QiGong, and the Yoga of Conscious Partnership.

What I discovered will blow you away! It turns out that what we really are isn't what most of us think at all. 

Equally as mind-blowing is that sex and relationships don't work the way we might think!

It took me over 17 years, a few great teachers (and many not-so-great), co-leading a family of 8, plenty of major life-fails, addictions, plus serious personal + relational trauma AND recovery, but I've finally "perfected" these Mechanisms of Masculinity and I want to share my expertise with you. 

Want to learn more about me and the Aum Institute of Tantra? Click Here

a shirtless man practicing tantric meditation with his hands in a mudra in front of his heart



You'll begin by experiencing the very thing that is most masculine, which is to become aware of being aware. It is the re-discovery of who and what you really are. From this foundation you will be able to clearly identify the patterns which have severed you from the power and depth of your purest Self. Empowered with new insight and clear direction, you will continue with the ultimate re-calibration and restoration of your entire life.

  • Discover the unshakable core of Consciousness that is the base of your most authentic masculine Self.
  • Learn a foundational step-by-step map for higher living to keep you on track, and your heart + mind clear.
  • Gain new insight into the nature of the Self with the support of authentic techniques from the Tantras.
an artistic image of a man with his heart and head opening after healing from attachment traumas and addictions. there is a little boy safely nestled in his heart


It would be rare for us to find a human that has made it to adulthood free from the traumatic effects of parental absence, abuse, loss, or sickness. Oftentimes, these events are so overwhelming to our young systems that we are unable to respond in healthy ways, and instead use coping mechanisms to ensure our safety and survival.

These survival energies become lodged in the system, causing a lasting imprint in the body's cells, nerves, and deep mind. They become a part of the identity we subconsciously build for ourselves, and they negatively influence our reactions to the situations we are faced with in our adult lives.

Apparently time does not heal all wounds.

This module invites us to walk towards freedom by re-negotiating the stuck energies of the past.

  • Address the long-lasting effects of attachment, relational, and sexual trauma.
  • Restore a loving relationship with your inner child.
  • Build understanding of addiction, including the detrimental effects of porn addiction on the body/mind.
  • Develop a whole new attitude and awareness of your relational-sexual Self, and the relational-sexual Self of your partners.
a man using his hands to affect his energy body and ground his nervous system


Without regular system discharges, grounding and re-calibration, we become weakened, anxious and eventually sickened by dis-ease. In this module, you will be provided with a clear blueprint to build your foundation of energetic vitality, neural resiliency and eventual self-mastery.

  • Discover the essential nature and value of regular nervous system discharges, re-calibrations and grounding.
  • Develop sensitivity to the many ways in which you leak and suppress your energy by understanding how it can be dislodged, cultivated, circulated, and stored. 
  • Learn how to to structurally de-armour the tightness and tension in your body that is disrupting the free-flow of your primordial (sexual) energy.
  • Experience the cleansing and balancing effects of Tantric breath-work.
an animation of energy flowing up the spine to the brain


This is so central to Tantra, Yoga, and being human that you could almost consider it to be the most important stop on our 12-week journey. But we won't say that... the content in the other modules is just as essential! Regardless, you will learn how to re-orient yourself to, and comfortably reside within, the central channel of life-energy.

  • Gain access to your energetic core through direct experience within a twelve-chakra system.
  • Learn straight-from-the-source Tantric technologies to unlock and awaken your life-energy.
  • Receive techniques and technologies to last a lifetime.
  • Develop true energetic and spiritual Self-mastery as you learn to charge your system with the concentrated electricity of your own life force.
a multi-orgasmic man ravishing his female partner


In this module, you'll begin applying all that sensitivity and awareness you developed in the first four modules to your sexual beliefs, sensations and energy. Finally you can show up with the sense of solid confidence that comes from deeply knowing your true Self, and becoming free of the fear and anxiety that have come as the result of your past.

  • Go beyond ejaculation retention tips & tricks that other programs offer to become freely (multi) orgasmic.
  • Finally resolve your tension and sexual anxiety to become free of common dysfunctions, like erectile difficulties and premature ejaculation.
  • Experience the full body orgasms we're all looking for in Tantric Sex.
  • Learn the subtle secrets to cultivating and directing your powerful sexual energy for maximum pleasure, health, and vitality.
a closeup of a man and a woman's hands holding in relational union



Your relationship can be a powerful catalyst for joy, pleasure and spiritual Self-realization, AND it can be the most challenging and uncomfortable part of your life! Most of us simply lack the understanding of the universal dynamics at play within ourselves and our relationships. Then, rather than healing and growing, we end up hurt, frustrated, and resentful. Often we end up moving further and further away from what we really want. Men are generally NOT experiencing the relationships they think they want, and I'm going to teach you why...

  • Become aware of your attachment wounds and begin addressing the toxic behavioral patterns that are blocking you from forming strong connections with others.
  • Open a doorway to experience empathy for the collective feminine sexual trauma (which affects us all).
  • Gain a clear understanding of Masculine and Feminine polarity, then learn how to use it to create fire in the bedroom and function in the family room.
  • Become clearer about what our partners actually want, both inside the bedroom and out. (It's probably not what you think... Why didn't we learn this in school?)
  • Have some fun learning new ways to give and receive pleasure, then go practice and explore!


Dylan P.

"I didn’t know what to expect from this course. I never do yoga or anything like that. I don’t even meditate.

My girlfriend actually suggested that I take it and I said I’d give it a try if she would do all the partner exercises with me.

Not sure how to say this, but I think that it worked out really well for both of us.”


"I registered for The Tantric Man as I wanted to overcome the embarrassing shackles of premature ejaculation. I wanted to develop the ability to perform hours-long lovemaking sessions like musician Sting supposedly has mastered. The Tantric Man provided techniques to gain confidence and stamina in the bedroom, but I feel it has equipped me with tools for so much more.

During and after the course I feel I've come away as a better human and my self worth has greatly improved, something I've struggled with for the majority of my life.

I would highly recommend this course to all men looking to make improvements in all aspects of their personal and spiritual growth."

The Tantric Man: Online Course - Product Mock-Up


The Tantric Man Online Course Includes:

  • A comprehensive guide to upgrading the 6 Core Areas of your system 
  • Life-changing Tantric techniques and practices starting in the first week
  • Freedom from your old patterns
  • Sexual confidence and mastery of the Self
  • Live 1:1 sessions to support your unique challenges
  • Lifetime access


→ I’ll get you started on the #1 daily habit, the only practice you need for the rest of your entire life. It’s in the first module because it’s THAT important

→ You'll receive meditations from the Tantras for men, building a solid foundation of presence and giving you more patience and understanding for your partners, your children, your parents, and, most importantly, yourself.

→ Your accountability and commitment are an integral part of this course, increasing your confidence at work and at home.

→ During the 12 weeks, you'll have access to private email support from a Tantric woman. Ask any question that comes up and she will expertly guide you from a female's perspective.

→ Your romantic relationships - current and/or future - will be transformed by your personal growth. Learn how to touch, talk to, and relate to your partners in ways you weren't taught by watching your parents for all those years.


LIVE 1:1 Personal Sessions with Aaron

Each month, a limited number of men are invited into this program to accommodate the private sessions. 

As a course member, your transformation is of ultimate importance.

These sessions include somatic explorations of your personal struggles, exercises to support your growth, plus the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your life.


The private session I did was beyond valuable. It’s so rare to get that one-on-one attention in the online world, but Aaron was able to give me guidance on some stuff I was having trouble with for a very long time. I feel like I’m a better parent and son after working through these things.” - B.H.


The Tantric Man


A Complete System Upgrade

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