Remember your early days together, when you felt tingly and excited every time you heard that text notification?

... and when just the thought of the other person would bring a huge smile to your face?

... or when you said, "Yes, let's move in together! It'll be different this time!" ... and you truly believed it?

Do you ever wonder how those magical moments turned into eye rolling, arguments over leaving wet towels on the floor, or avoiding each other altogether?

Do you wonder if you're even sexually compatible?


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Why is it so difficult for us to feel connected and happy

... and so easy to get stuck in a resentful rut?

Life can super overwhelming, especially when you're both trying to work, take care of kids, clean the house, and remember to call your mother back once in awhile.

Most of us don't have much time to do romantic things for each other ... we can barely complete the self care routines we're apparently supposed to be doing every day!

The truth is: most people are either living anxious and depressed, or they spend each day going so hard that they're not even sure what they feel anymore.

Often our partners take the brunt of our frustrations ... and we either beat ourselves up about it, or we blame our problems on them entirely. Either way is harmful to your relationship.

Underneath all the discomfort and resentment ... we all want to feel safe, validated, passionate, and desired.

This is why we're in relationships in the first place, isn't it?

Aaron Patrick and Alissa King are Tantric Coach for Couples

Meet Aaron & Alissa

(Tantric + Somatic Technologists / Relationship + Intimacy Coaches)

If anyone knows how difficult and confusing it can be to reconnect after a long day (or year) of inner turmoil, it's us!

We've lived through the after-effects of past abuse, sexual trauma, addiction, divorce, bankruptcy, blended parenting, and living in a culture that encourages families to do everything on their own.

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The couples we work with all have different experiences, but no matter if their difficulties stem from long-term illnesses or brand new babies, they're all looking for the same thing: guidance to find their way back to each other.

"How do we get back to liking each other again?"

"Can we fix our sexual incompatibility?"

"Does life have to be boring once you're married?" 

The truth is, your relationship can be a powerful catalyst for growth, joy, and pleasure...

... even if you feel stuck.

... even if talk therapy didn't work for you.

... and even if you don't think your partner will ever change.

Let us show you how Tantra and Somatic technologies can help you restore your relationship, awaken your sexuality, and transform your life.


women seeking tantric coaching for her relationship

Complete Relationship Assessment

To free yourself from your past, and create the relationship you desire, you must first become aware of your patterns as individuals and as a couple.

You'll be provided with a complete relationship assessment to determine your unique styles of relating, fighting, fixing, fantasizing, pleasuring and receiving pleasure.

Before you're ready to have "Tantric Sex", there are some things you need to know...

man and women seeking tantric coaching for their relationship

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching

Every session begins with Tantric meditation and gentle somatic therapy, either online or in our home based studio in Calgary, Canada.

We guide you back to yourself, so that you may become more in tune with your self and your partner

You'll receive new tools for understanding, communication, and a customized plan for overcoming sexual difficulties and exploring desires.

Have you ever asked yourself, "What do I even want?" Let us help you find out.

man seeking tantric coaching for his relationship

Sexual Somatic Bodywork & Trauma Recovery

We DO NOT give hands-on bodywork and there is no nudity required or expected during these sessions.

Instead, you'll be taught how to safely and consciously explore touch with your own body and your partner's.

We guide your partner how to touch you in the way you most need and want to be touched.

You'll be led through powerful practices, proven by time and science to restore your health and the flow of your sexual energy.


satisfied coaching client Chad P.


"My partner and I were looking to connect on a deeper level. We didn’t feel we had all the tools required to connect at this level. Aaron and Alissa's services provided us more access to our bodies and the flow of our energy as well as greater awareness for ourselves and each other. Now the connection we share is a love so deep that others notice and share in the beauty of it. We definitely recommend you book a session with Aaron and Alissa"

satisfied coaching client Claire B.


"I always leave feeling like I'm vibrating on another level. Aaron has a way of describing why and how to use these practices that appeals to my scientific, skeptical mind. He makes the esoteric knowledge he has gained understandable and relatable. I would recommend Aaron and Alissa to anyone who feels they are ready to expand their knowledge of themselves and their relationships with the world around them."


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Date Night

  • Receive a customized practice based on your relationship needs
  • Single session
  • Use as a fun date night or relationship booster

Solid 6 Pack

Most Popular

  • Fast-track relationship renewal
  • Includes a custom plan to restore your relationship
  • Each partner gets their own one-on-one session with Aaron or Alissa
  • Six sessions for the price of five
  • Weekly exercises curated for solo and relationship practice

Super Deep Dive 10

Our Recommendation

  • Ultimate transformation
  • Ten sessions for the price of eight
  • Includes everything in the Solid 6-Pack plus The Gottman Relationship Checkup analysis tool

Want to make sure this is the right choice for you?

Not sure if your partner will be into it?

Book a Free Consult with us, and we'll answer all your questions.


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Dayna M.

"The space Alissa and Aaron created and held for us was beautiful, safe, and welcoming. The practices they shared with us are priceless. . ."

Kristine B.

"I was feeling a bit tired before the session, but I felt so nourished and present afterwards. The altar you set up was so beautiful. It definitely felt sacred."

Sam M. 

"The work I've done with Aaron and Alissa has completely transformed my relationship to my partner, and my own mind, body, and heart."