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Aaron is going rogue! If you've ever attended any of his classes, you know he doesn't fit well into the commercially driven, pick-a-part spiritual-fitness model of your average yoga studio. And if you know him in person, you know he doesn't conform to arbitrary rules and limitations.

Join our monthly membership to gain access to all of Aaron's live online teachings: four regular classes per month, plus featured workshops. 

You'll get your regular dose of peaceful existence, and learn how to expand those small glimpses into your everyday experience.

Cancel anytime - no questions asked.


  • LIVE Sādhanā Sessions: Explorations in Tantric Yoga + Somatic Movement (bi-weekly)
  • LIVE Meditations for Awakening (bi-weekly)
  • Whatever live workshops Aaron decides he wants to teach each month!


  • Access to all previous class recordings
  • Uncensored community practices and discussions free from the limitations of social media
  • Discounted rates for private sessions (Somatic Therapy, Breathwork, Yoga Teacher Mentorship, Couples Work)
  • Discounted access to Aaron's online courses


Sādhanā Sessions will be held online every other week on Sunday mornings at 9:30am MST, and they will include Tantric + Somatic practices, Qigong, Hatha Yoga, non-dual meditations and more. 

Meditations for Awakening will be held online every other week on Sunday evenings at 7pm MST.

There will be a new theme for each class, designed to soothe your overactive system, activate your vitality, and deepen your relationships. Requests are welcome!

Recordings will be available for those who cannot attend live.

$19 USD per month

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