Yoga Alliance is Nonsense. Stop Giving Meaning to Them. Stop Giving Your Money to Them.

yoga yoga business Sep 13, 2021
I'm certain that one of the most common questions asked of most yoga training providers is whether or not they are Yoga Alliance certified. Less common, in my experience, is to be asked questions regarding the content of the program, or the teachers who are teaching it.
Yoga Alliance has done a fantastic job at creating the idea that they are an organization of some importance and value to Yoga Land. They're not. If they were, we wouldn't be having this conversation, as I could certainly get behind a collective that worked to ensure the vast science of Yoga was being preserved, represented completely, and taught responsibly.
Let me explain to you how it works. Yoga Alliance wants to sells you a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) title, which you can place after your name on your Instagram profile or resume. In order to earn the ability to make this purchase, you must first complete a course through a Yoga...
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