How to Become a Super-Human (Multi) Orgasmic Machine


We are the ultimate machines of Consciousness, but our mechanisms were damaged early in life and we were never given the tools or technology needed to heal, upgrade our system, and make it powerful as it was designed to be.

I know you’re eager to learn about how you can become this Super-Human Sex Machine I referred to in the catchy title. I can imagine the excitement you might be experiencing just to think of the increased pleasure, the satisfied partners, and the impressive stories that will come with that new skill. What excites men most, when we begin working together, is the knowledge of how to practice semen retention or how to be (multi) orgasmic. I know MY EGO just loved this!!

But first there are much more important benefits that we must become aware of. Along with our natural ability to be (multi) orgasmic comes the ability to move that potent primordial energy throughout the body for supercharged health, vitality and even spiritual realization.

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