Yoga Alliance is Nonsense. Stop Giving Meaning to Them. Stop Giving Your Money to Them.

yoga yoga business Sep 13, 2021
I'm certain that one of the most common questions asked of most yoga training providers is whether or not they are Yoga Alliance certified. Less common, in my experience, is to be asked questions regarding the content of the program, or the teachers who are teaching it.
Yoga Alliance has done a fantastic job at creating the idea that they are an organization of some importance and value to Yoga Land. They're not. If they were, we wouldn't be having this conversation, as I could certainly get behind a collective that worked to ensure the vast science of Yoga was being preserved, represented completely, and taught responsibly.
Let me explain to you how it works. Yoga Alliance wants to sells you a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) title, which you can place after your name on your Instagram profile or resume. In order to earn the ability to make this purchase, you must first complete a course through a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. Keep in mind, Yoga Alliance will have no way of knowing anything about the quality of training you received at their registered school. They allow anyone with a basic membership, a credit card, and the ability to fill out an online form to register as a yoga school. With your certificate of completion scanned in and your form filled out, you enter your own credit card information, and Voila! You are a Registered Yoga Teacher. You might have only had 2 weeks of training by some fitness studio in the burbs, but it doesn't matter. YOU are a Registered Yoga Teacher. With this title, you can start teaching yoga immediately, and if you continue to take more Yoga Alliance approved trainings, you can easily be running your own Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School in no more than 2-3 years. 
Yoga Alliance has contributed a massive disservice to Yoga and humanity. The yoga industry has become saturated with yoga training programs and teachers who severely lack adequate understanding of this vast science. This is dangerous on many levels. Yoga Alliance has succeeded at taking money from people, but has failed to ensure that a high standard of safe and therapeutically effective yoga is being taught to the people. 
In my years as an E-RYT500 (experienced registered yoga teacher) while running my own teaching programs that were RYS (registered yoga school), I was never once contacted by Yoga Alliance, other than to remind me that it was time to renew my yearly membership. I was never contacted by phone or email to check on anything. Not one single time. 
I have never once been asked by a yoga studio or employer for proof of my Yoga Alliance membership. Nobody seems to care about it. It is of no importance. Very few of my yoga teacher friends and colleagues are registered with Yoga Alliance. I believe most yoga training programs only register with Yoga Alliance because they are afraid that if they don't, they will lose potential students who are seeking a program with this certification. 
It is for these reasons that I, as many others before me, have chosen not to support Yoga Alliance. I am NOT part of some #boycottyogaalliance movement. I am not calling for others to do the same. It's a non issue. I will actively continue to seek out and establish membership with another governing body for Yoga teachers and schools to offer my students the best I possibly can to support them on their path.
Much Love, Joy, and Pleasure to all of you.

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