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Aaron Patrick and Alissa King



"We're not just lying around in the jungle, relaxing and making love all day. We deal with the same challenges most every human faces in navigating the complexities of human relationship, family, and spiritual life within the insanity and uncertainty of our modern lifestyles."   - A.

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Tantric and Somatic Technologists, Yoga Scientists, Conscious Partners and Co-CEOs of a family of 8.

Aaron + Alissa work diligently with a shared passion and commitment to deliver this transformational technology to the world.

They have a combined 20+ years of experience and more than 10,000 hours teaching tantric yoga and somatic technologies to individuals, groups, and couples.


The Auṃ Institute of Tantra exists only as a name. Only as an idea. Beyond that it is of no use to any of us if it becomes another organization—another box—for you or I to become caged within.  The ultimate Truth that is easily recognized within each of us cannot and should not be organized. Once you attempt to do so, it becomes a prison with shackles for both you and I. And so, as you can see, we walk a razor sharp edge in choosing to form an Institute within which to do our work.

Our mission is to help our fellow brothers and sisters—the overwhelmed, overworked and often traumatized householders of the present age—to become free from the prison of the past so that the Truth of the nature of their Being may be revealed to them and they may finally abide in its ever-present peaceful glow.

Our focus and passion have become directed towards understanding the realities of a life lived as a modern householder: living life through work, relationships and family. This is most interesting to us because it is where we find ourselves. This is our life!

Our work is to guide others back to an innate sense of wholeness, to help them become re-connected with the fullness of their experience, and to show them how they can transform each mundane activity, every relationship, and each moment into an opportunity for the revelation of their essential nature as the One awareness that permeates all of existence.

We teach modern Somatic and Tantric technologies to individuals, couples, and families to help them to holistically restore their health, revitalize their relationships, and realize their purest and most expansive selves.

We have a deep respect for the vast science of Non-Dual Tantra and Yoga, as well as the many South Asian cultures, traditions, and lineages, spanning some thousands of years, that contributed to its development. We bow with both humility and gratitude to the multitude of mystics, seers, and masters who sought to do just as we do—to become absolutely free of all bonds and limitations, and to help free all those who sincerely want the same. 

We do not believe that the recognition of our purest selves, or the freedom that comes as a consequence, can be caged or owned by any organization, religion, or authority of any kind. With that said, we acknowledge that it is very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to share our work without appropriating from the cultures within which these spiritual sciences evolved. 

Our own interests and understanding of our shared reality have been supported by a select few Non-Dual Tantric traditions and their accompanying philosophies and technologies. In particular, we acknowledge with great respect the science within Trika Shaivism and the Śrī Vidyā, but it should be made clear that we are not initiates of any lineage, and we do not want or feel the need to become initiated by any outside authoritative source.  

We share what we have learned with the knowing that all words, all paths, and all techniques are ultimately insufficient, for what you and I are permeates all of these while transcending them completely.

Aaron Patrick


[Tantric + Somatic Technologist]

Here are all the details you could possibly want about the personality named Aaron (and why you'd want to learn from him).

First I should tell you that "Aaron" doesn't really exist...

I began my journey with a keen interest in the profoundly spiritual potential of human relationship and through the study and application of the Yogic and Tantric sciences. I have been practicing [Yoga] meditation and studying the science of Non-Dual Tantra and its philosophies for 16+ years, but the magnetic seeds of Self-Realization were planted as a teenager when my mother got turned on to the traditions of the east.

I discovered that the techniques I had already been practicing had their roots in Tantra during a trip to India in 2010 for the Kumbh Mela festival, when in search of the source of Kriya Yoga that Paramahansa Yogananda described in his famous autobiography and self-study lessons. 

In 2014 I ventured back into northern India to support my interest in the philosophies and technology of the Tantric tradition of Trika Shaivism. I attended the Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga to further my learning of (some of) the 112 meditations of the revered and now popular text Sri Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra.

During my multiple trips in India, Europe and Asia, I have studied/practiced Yoga with--and was inevitably influenced by--teachers of various Tantric, Yogic and Taoist traditions. 

After much obsessive practice and the discovery that teaching, for me, was akin to breathing, I received a grace-bestowed transmission (Śaktipāta) that reactivated my yogic mission to act as a vessel for teaching and a support for healing.

While I am well versed in the science of Haṭha YogaI'm also a practitioner of Zhan Zhuang, a powerful form of Chi Kung (Qi Gong) standing meditation (internal martial arts) that cultivates immense amounts of vital energy and strengthens the inner body.

I am a certified Critical Alignment Yoga Therapist, having studied with and been certified by its creator, Gert van Leeuwen. CAYT is a unique form of (Haṭha Yoga influenced) movement therapy. It is defined by its use of a specially-designed prop set coupled with somatic de-armouring and movement exercises.

On a personal and professional level, I remain most interested and passionate in the study of what I call the Yoga of Conscious Partnerships.

My passion burns brightest when supporting others in recovering from the past and teaching them how to integrate Tantric technologies into their householder lifestyles, supporting others in transforming their busy (and - let's face it - mundane) lives into a moment-by-moment meditation, whether they are parenting, relating, or out in the world serving others. In support of this, I have also completed Level 2 training in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

I have spent time studying with various great teachers (and many not-so-great). Some of my favourite include Gary Zukav (Seat of the Soul), Tantra Mantra masters Deva Premal and Miten, and some people who live in the forest.

I have been teaching Non-Dual Tantra, Haṭha Yoga and Qi Gong--privately, publicly and in support of developing Tantric Lifestyle practitioners and yoga teachers for nearly a decade.

Aaron Patrick and Alissa King


[Tantric + Somatic Technologist]


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